Perfectionism is a Curse – No Bain No Gain Fitness

It is becoming increasingly obvious to me through my work as a fitness coach that many people have unrealistic goals with regards to their health and fitness. Every week in my classes someone approaches me and asks me how to get rid of their “Thunder thighs”, “Back fat”, “Bingo wings” etc.

I rarely meet anyone who is happy with the way their body looks. So many people despite making huge progress with their slimming / fitness campaigns focus on the negative aspects of their appearance and behaviour, instead of remembering how far they’ve already come, or appreciating the good things about the way they look, and feel.

Are you constantly feeling frustrated with yourself? Do you start a new starvation diet every Monday? Do you beat yourself up constantly for not being as slim / fit / attractive / disciplined as you would like to be? Are you always looking at other people and wishing you could be like them?

It’s such a rubbish way to live your life, constantly comparing yourself to others, never being happy in your own skin. Always looking at yourself in the mirror, mentally criticizing yourself for not being as slim as your best friend, or not being as slim as you were when you were 25.

Ladies: lets face it, you and I, we are never going to look like supermodels. Guys, wouldn’t you be happier if you just accept the fact that you will never appear on the cover of Men’s Health? Most of us are just not blessed with cover model genes, and we never will be.

The only reason why supermodels are supermodels is because they are freaks of nature. The reason these women are constantly photographed and paid to show off their figures is because they are not normal, they are different to most of us.

Rather than trying to look like someone else, we need to work on being the best version of ourselves that we possibly can be.

If you want to start making progress, you will need to change your mind-set, and start loving yourself, right now, just the way you are.

You see, you will never improve your eating and exercise habits if you dont like yourself.

In order to be able to treat yourself with respect, you need to respect yourself.

Forget all about the target weight youve been unsuccessfully striving for, the one that was set for you by some diet club consultant 15 years ago! Forget about trying to be the same weight you were when you were in your early 20’s.

Stop trying to be perfect all of the time, and start trying to be a little bit better than you were yesterday.

Let go of that all-or-nothing, no shades of grey mind-set, and start taking the middle road.

The only person you should be comparing yourself to, is yourself. Being consistent in your efforts to eat healthy and exercise regularly will allow for steady progress. So, dont worry if you eat a slice of cake here or there!

Dont feel bad if you go to a fitness class and you arent able to keep up with the people in the class who have been doing it for much longer than you!

Just try to make good choices, most of the time. Enjoy eating fresh, natural single ingredient foods most of the time. Enjoy the wonderful feeling you get after a challenging work out.

Take a look back at how far youve come and be proud of what you have achieved. Throw away those negative feelings about yourself and wrap yourself up in a feeling of positivity and self-belief. Thinking positive is the most important thing you can do in your efforts to be slim, fit and fantastic.

Keep those good vibes coming, praise yourself when you have done well, and excuse yourself for being human when you slip up.