If You Want to do Something, You Will Find a Way. If You Dont, You Will Find an Excuse

January and February are busy months in the life of a fitness professional.

The early part of the year is a time when people make New Year’s resolutions to get fit and shed excess weight. In each fitness class that I teach, there are new faces streaming through the door during January and February; classes are packed and the atmosphere is buzzing. I love it!

However, by the time April arrives, some of those new faces have disappeared again, as their motivation level begin to drop, and they start finding reasons for why they can’t make class.

Over the years, I have heard an impressive array of “reasons? (excuses) for why people “cant? (won’t) exercise.

The most common ones are:“I don’t have time? – Make time. Even if it means getting out of bed a bit earlier in the morning!“ My husband works late so I am stuck at home with the kids? – Get a baby sitter or put on an exercise DVD once the kids are in bed.“ I am too tired after work? – Unfit people get tired easily! Exercise gives you energy; the more you do, the more energetic you will feel.“ I am too embarrassed to go to the gym or a fitness class because of my size? – No one is judging you for your size when it’s obvious that you are doing something about it.

The list goes on, but you get the idea. My point is, that if you are genuinely motivated to exercise, you will find a way.

I understand how difficult it is in the first weeks of a new exercise regime, but after about six weeks it gets easier, your motivation levels increase as you begin to see the results of all your hard work.

I genuinely believe that everybody is capable of getting fitter and improving their health through physical activity – find something that you enjoy and make a commitment to it. You are worth it.