Off Season Training

Off Season Athlete Training

We as athletes know the importance of staying sharp and primed for competition. Walter Payton, one of the greatest running backs of all time once said he looked forward to the season to start because it gave him a break. You see, Walter Payton believed to perform the best he could he had to push himself even harder off season to have the edge on all else. A man standing with a smaller stature of most of the men he played against, was a also known as a man that would punish you for trying to tackle him. Its reminiscent of a popular saying, a body in motion tends to stay in motion and this is only proven by Walter Paytons hard work in the off season that excelled him beyond all else during game time.

We have all heard the term ring rust which is a debatable topic however time and time again, time away from activity has shown to hinder performance until an all new break in period is had. Our bodies tend to lose a step no matter how many hundreds and thousands of times we have repeated a motion once we stop that motion. Speed, explosion, agility and timing are all essential parts to our performance as athletes and all of these falter when ignored for any period of time.

Bang Boxing and Fitness has become much more then just a boxing based fitness facility to the local sports communities. We have applied our drills for speed, explosion, agility, coordination and timing for functionality that is applicable to any and all sports. From childrens sports teams to adults, we have been gaining popularity as an asset to training regimens ranging from football to soccer. Our goal in our off season training is not to change the athletes range of motion but to add to that motion by priming fast twitch muscles with proven speed drills and sharpen coordination so no step is lost along the way despite the off season.

If you are an athlete or coach looking to keep speed, timing, agility, coordination and explosion sharp all season long, contact us for information on our off season training programs. Our off season training is structured to the individual needs, including starting new private group training as the need arises.