Phen24 Review – Answers to your Questions about Phen24

Introduction to this Phen24 review

When I asked one of my writers to write a review about Phen24 she looked at me concerned and asked what did I want her to write that hasn’t already been written on many other websites?

Did I want her to to explain to the reader all the ingredients that make up Phen24 and how those ingredients in the diet pill work to aid in weight loss? Did I want her to re-write all the testimonials for the product, which have already been said so many times before? And she said she certainly couldn’t write a review based on her own experiences because she has never used Phen24, as she was happy with her weight and slim figure. She couldn’t write about any side effects she may or may not have experienced. She couldn’t write that she was losing 3-5 lbs per week as is often claimed. In short she was not happy with her task.

Then I stopped her and explained the type of Phen24 review I wanted which was none of the things she was concerned about. I told her to take all the claims and testimonials and analyze them as if she WAS about to buy the product. I told her to research about the company that manufacturers Phen24. I told her to examine the buying procedure and review the process from the official Phen24 suppliers. I told her to write a review unlike any other in order to construct an unbiased opinion as to whether someone, who is concerned about their weight, can come to a conclusion based on facts rather than ‘respun’ articles based on flimsy evidence. I wanted her to put herself in the place of a person looking for help to lose weight and get answers to questions!

She brightened up and agreed that writing a Phen24 review that goes deeper than merely trying to satisfy a sale WAS something she could do and would do it in the style of questions that potential buyers have on their mind and answers to those questions. This is what she came with.

A critical review of Phen24

Answers to questions you want to ask!

In any purchase of any form of diet pill, food supplement or indeed any other kind of medication, the first question to be asked is:

Is Phen24 safe for me to take?

There is no documented evidence I could find to suggest that using Phen24 to help you lose weight is unsafe and will cause any kind of short term or long term damage to your overall health. However that is not to say that someone out of the tens of thousands of people who have used Phen24 has never had a minor problem! A headache, nausea those kind of things. Phen24 obviously contains certain ingredients that are designed to change how your body works in order to burn up excess calories and therefore reduce your weight. If it didn’t then how would it work? Now if you have never taken Phen24 before and therefore never ingested any of those compounds then it may just happen that you have an adverse reaction to one of them. It is highly unlikely though to cause a major complication. Think of it this way. If you happen to be allergic to peanuts, you would never know until such time as you ate some! In any case, most governments (Phen24 is manufactured in the USA) have in place safeguards to protect users from any kind of harm from anything they may take. This is why some medications are only available after a doctor has examined the condition and can only be used under prescription. However if you already suffer from a particular condition or ailment, are pregnant or have allergies it is always best to consult a qualified medical practitioner before taking any kind of pills, diet pill or otherwise!

So what is in Phen24 that makes it possible to lose weight quickly?

Many websites will feature an advertisement similar to the one on the left stating that all the ingredients of Phen24 are 100% natural. I am not going to go into the ingredients here because it is not important in order to answer the question. However if you really want to know the chemical make up of Phen24 then you can click here for details of the official Phen24 website to get the answer. The ingredients that are used in Phen24 are combined in such a way to increase your metabolism. What this means is that by doing this you use up calories you have ingested quicker before those calories can be turned into to fat. Another compound found in Phen24 is designed to increase testosterone production again in order to increase metabolism and reduce the body’s ability to store fat.

OK. Why is Phen24 called a fat burner then?

Phen24 is classed as a fat burner because as your metabolism increases you effectively use up calories faster than you consume. Far more information listed here : Lets do some simple maths. Lets say that you consume 3000 calories a day but use only 2500 calories in energy. This leaves your body with an excess of 500 calories that it needs to do something with. What your body does is it turns those excess calories  into fat. This is very normal as fat is in effect stored energy waiting to be used. Back when food was not so readily available every day then this works well because your body can call on the stored fat calories to give you energy if you haven’t eaten. With modern day eaten habits your body has no need to call on the stored fat to give you energy. The result is you gain weight. So with Phen24 which increases the rate your body uses up calories, if you consume the same 3000 calories a day but the ingredients in Phen24 in effect make you use a 1000 more than you would normally, you are really only consuming 2000 calories. What does you body need to do to get the extra 500 calories you need to keep going. It ‘burns fat’ turning fat into energy making up the missing 500 calories. This in turn makes you lose fat weight!

Will I need to do any exercises if I use Phen24 fat burner diet pills?

There could be a case for saying no but it depends on where you are coming from. Look at it practically. You can only reduce your weight if you use more calorific energy than you consume. By using Phen24 it helps to increase the rate you use up calories you have eaten. Exercise does the same thing it uses up calories! So where Phen24 will not work for people is where, even after using Phen24, their calorie intake is still more than is used. So these people have two choices left. Consume less food, thus reducing the amount of calories consumed or exercise to use up the excess calories. It is simple. In order to lose weight you must force your body to use the stored fat as energy. So if your intake of calories is only slightly more than you are using up and then you take Phen24 then the answer could be no. However in any case you should some exercise for other reasons than just simply to lose weight. What we call exercise these days was normal human behavior before. Walking, running lifting etc.. Now because many people have a car to get around in walking is seen as an exercise! Why not walk occasionally than drive Will I need to eat less food?

We come back to the same principle as in the answer above. If you reduce the amount of food you eat or change the type of foods you eat, you are consuming less calories which can be turned into fat. If we take this to it’s extreme and imagine you do not eat any food for a month (do not do this! ) you would lose weight! But of course eating in a natural thing to do. It is enjoyable to eat and difficult to maintain a diet. So if you are very overweight you should use Phen24 in conjunction with a calorie controlled diet and/or exercise.

Does using Phen24 guarantee I will lose weight?

Using Phen24 will certainly not guarantee weight loss on it’s own. The use of Phen24 will help you lose weight but you must want to lose weight in the first place. If you are overeating or snacking too much then you will need to revise your habits. It’s the same for people who smoke. Simply buying a nicotine patch and sticking one on your arm each day will not in itself make you stop smoking. You need to want to stop and the patch will help. Phen24 works in the same way. If you really set yourself a target to lose weight Phen24 will help you achieve that target.

I have seen banners similar to the one on the right with testimonials to the fact that the people in them have lost weight very fast using Phen24.

Are these Phen24 testimonials true?

The Phen24 testimonials to individuals who have achieved fantastic weight loss in a relatively short space of time are indeed true. A company like RDK Global who manufacture Phen24 are unlikely to compromise themselves by putting out misleading or misinformation to their buying customers new and existing.

Remember that the internet is a powerful weapon and any false claims put out by companies and suppliers would and are easily exposed. Of course they pick and choose which testimonials they use for their promotions. Testimonials that users of Phen24 actually put on weight would not really be much of a testimonial! 🙂

What I would say though is that the claims made could be the best out of the many thousands of dieters who have used Phen24 diet pills and your efforts at losing weight may not achieve the same spectacular results. In order to compete with these weight losses you will have to keep to a good diet, exercise when you can, as we mentioned above. For more testimonials directly from the suppliers of Phen24, follow this link by clicking here.

OK. So how much does it cost to buy Phen24?

That question is easily answered by either clicking here to go to our Phen24 pricing, special offer and coupon page on this site or by clicking here for the official Phen24 website.

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